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Why is it so difficult to find a great pair of trousers?

Whilst you might know your size, based on the last item of clothing you bought, it doesn't always figure that the same size will apply the next time you shop.  There are often inconsistencies within the same store.  Venturing from one brand to another can see your size yo-yo anywhere between a UK 8 and a UK 14.

So let's forget about sizing.  What about body shape....are you an apple, an pear or an inverted triangle?  Yes, we know, it's totally confusing and all pretty random if we're honest.

You may know that you're an inverted triangle (or whatever that means!) when it comes to jackets but what about trousers?  You see, your 'shape' isn't always the same from top to bottom, more's the pity.

How to buy a flattering pair of trousers?

When we listen to our clients, it does seem that size and shape problems come into play more frequently when people are trying to buy a flattering pair of trousers.

As we're racing headlong into Winter we thought it would be a good opportunity to look at the different styles of trouser and see how they measure up.


Tall & Athletic - The Straight Leg

You're lucky, you can wear pretty much anything.  A straight leg can look stunning as the style will accentuate your long limbs.  But you may find it a problem to get the length just right.

Hourglass - The ankle grazer Cigarette Leg

The cigarette trouser is great for the hourglass figure as the style won't overwhelm what is already a knock-out silhouette.  But we all have different waist to hip ratios and some lucky ladies are more curvy than others.  You want a style that will nip in the waist and gently hug the hips.  Not always easy to achieve with off the peg pieces.

Petite - The Straight Leg

A full length straight leg will add length and elongate the silhouette.  You don't want your frame to be swamped so avoid wide legs at all costs.  However, for more petite ladies, getting the leg length perfect is difficult.  Chances are you need your trousers taking up a little but this will alter the line and any slight taper will disappear.  But a great look if you get the fit right.

"I am 5"1 and have pretty short legs so every pair of trousers I've ever bought, even petite ranges, are too long. I'm also broad hipped but I have a comparatively narrow waist.  If they fit around my thighs I'll have inches gaping at the waist.  I try on endless pairs and avoid many high street shops as I just know from experience I'll leave empty handed." 

Apple - The Kick Flare

Ladies with a fuller mid-section may want to opt for a subtle kick-flare.  A wide leg will be too much but a well-fitted kick flare will add balance to the overall look.  The kick needs to 'kick out' at just the right point on the leg.   If the leg is too long, too short or too tight, the impact is gone.  And you don't want added detail of bulky pockets to a front fastening waist - all will add bulk.  Look for a pair with a flat front to smooth and flatter.

"I've been on a lifelong quest for the perfect trousers.  Whether I was a size six or twelve, trousers are my nemesis.  My quest has been reduced to an endless cycle of buying, crying and returning trousers.  I don't always want to wear a dress or a skirt and would love flared trousers, but all alterations on them reduce the flare on my five foot two frame and make me look ridiculous.  I've just returned yet another pair of trousers in defeat. Why are they all front fastening? Is it true?  Can there be a pair of trousers that doesn't reduce me to a fabric straining frump?"

We get that it's not easy to find the perfect pair of trousers.  It seems crazy that such a style-staple should be such a struggle to find!  If you've still no idea where to start why not get in touch.  Book in for a free consultation and fitting with the Distinctively Me team.  Jill and John are amazing and will help you find the perfect silhouette for your shape.




Wendy Farrell - 2018-02-23

I am a curvy pear size 20 and at 5'4" and really struggle find good smart trousers for work. I have the added complication of having Lipoedema which means I have very heavy legs. Plus size clothes seem to be made in the cheapest materials and look dreadful. If I do find a nice pair of trousers that fit on the hips the waist is enormous and the legs look like they have been sprayed on and show every lump and bump. If it is possible to have a pair of trousers which would look smart and fit beautifully you would have found the holy grail. If you could work your magic I would love to book an appointment. Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Wendy Farrell

Jill, Distinctively Me - 2018-02-27

Hi Wendy, we would love to work our magic and make you a beautifully fitted pair of trousers. I have sent you an email, so please do get in contact to book your free consultation. Kind regards, Jill

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